The Pipeline


South East Australia Gas Pty Ltd (SEA Gas) operates the high pressure natural gas transmission pipeline system that transports natural gas from Port Campbell and Iona in Victoria to markets in South Australia and Victoria.

Over 50% of Adelaide’s natural gas energy needs are supplied by SEA Gas.

The primary function of the pipeline system is to provide safe, reliable transportation of high pressure gas from receipt points to delivery points. The design life of the pipeline and associated facilities is 80 years.

The SEA Gas pipeline system is managed and controlled in accordance with SEA Gas’ Policies and its Operating, Health, Safety and Environmental Management Procedures.

The SEA Gas pipeline system was designed and constructed in compliance with the relevant pipeline licences, statutory requirements and Australian Standards applicable in both South Australia and Victoria.

The SEA Gas pipeline system consists of the:

  • Pt Campbell to Adelaide system (PCA).
  • PCA Lateral (also called the WUGS Lateral).
  • Pt Campbell to Iona system (PCI).

The pipeline system became operational on 1 January 2004.

There are currently two compressor stations (Coomandook and Miakite) located on the PCA. The compressor stations became operational in February 2004 and January 2005 respectively.

Each compressor station consists of a 4.5MW Solar Centaur compressor driven by a gas turbine which utilises gas from the pipeline as fuel.

Pt Campbell to Adelaide Pipeline (PCA)

The PCA is the main pipeline in the SEA Gas pipeline system.

The length of the PCA is approximately 680km, stretching from Minerva in South West Victoria to Pelican Point in South Australia. For approximately half of this length (between the compressor stations at Miakite and Coomandook) the PCA consists of twin 14″ diameter (DN 350) pipes with the remainder being single 18″ diameter (DN 450) pipe.

Port Campbell to Adelaide (PCA)

 PCA Lateral (also called the WUGS Lateral)

The 18″ diameter PCA Lateral connects EnergyAustralia’s Iona Gas Plant and Origin Energy’s Otway Facility to the PCA and to Adelaide.

The connection between the PCA Lateral and the Pt Campbell to Adelaide Pipeline is at the Brumby Connection Point.

Pt Campbell to Iona Pipeline (PCI)

The PCI is a relatively short 14″ diameter pipeline (approximately 11km) that connects the Minerva gas field to Victoria’s high-pressure gas transmission pipeline network via the South West Pipeline (SWP) enabling gas to flow in either direction.  It also connects to Origin Energy’s Otway Facility and to the Morltake Pipeline.

The Victorian network is owned and maintained by the GasNet Australia Group, and Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is the gas market and system operator. The PCA and PCI can be connected via the Langley connection point which is just north of Minerva.

Port Campbell to Iona


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